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Before and After

I was glad to read in this morning’s New Mexican that the District 2 councilors, Joseph Maestas and Peter Ives, are holding the city’s feet to the fire in the matter of Monsignor Patrick Smith Park.

Earlier this year,  the Council passed a resolution blocking the use of park improvement bond proceeds to pay the salaries of city workers. (For background see the report in Sunday’s New Mexican.) The Parks Department says that contributed to the delays that led to the loss of five acres of grass.

Mr. Ives is not buying the excuse.

I realize that this resolution was passed saying, ‘Don’t use city workers,’ but if you’re faced with that versus allowing a park to essentially be turned into a dirt lot, I think we’re making some very wrong decisions. I’m looking for real leadership within the city on project management, and I’m not feeling comfortable with it.

The pictures below (the one on the left is from the City of Santa Fe website) show the park before and after its demise.

George Johnson
The Santa Fe Review


Patrick Smith Park, before . . .


. . . and after